I have made a new sculpture in my Heirlooms series titled Beginning at the End. This new piece features a child’s cradle made of pine wood that I have knotted a 123ft of rope inside its interior space. At the center of the knotted mass is a photograph of me on the day I was born. I also painted a pinecone on the end of the cradle to pay homage to the wood’s past and its beginnings. I am interested in the idea of a cradle as a pine box and the other pine box we are all destined for: the casket. My heirlooms series consists of various objects that I find or that are from my family being secured with rope, twine or wire. I have included some of the older works below so you could see them as well.

This new sculpture will be shown as part of a group show in Los Angeles at Cordesa Fine Art.

More info: jfrede.com