Some naughty bees really need to behive! Imagine the nerve, building nests inside the walls of houses rather than in remote areas in the countryside. And this time they hid so well, even pest control couldn’t kill them. The desperate homeowner had no other options, so he called in David L. Glover aka  The Bartlett Bee Whisperer.

The Bartlett Bee Whisperer is a honey bee rescue and relocation service in a few Mid-Eastern/Southern States (West Tennessee, East Arkansas, and North Mississippi). After the Bee Whisperer rescues the bees, he then uses them to repopulate empty hive boxes for local beekeepers who have suffered colony losses.

“First I identify that they are indeed honey bees,” David told Bored Panda. “You’d be surprised how many people don’t know the difference between Bees and wasps or yellow jackets. I then locate the hive using forward-looking infrared. Step by step the area of the home is opened, and all combs removed. Brood combs are rubber banded into hive frames and honey goes into a bucket (as long as the bees have never been sprayed). If the homeowner is willing to eat a piece of comb with me, it’s probably never been sprayed. The bees who do not follow the combs into the new hive box are vacuumed into a two-stage vacuum. They are added back to the new hive once they are set up in their new yard.”

“No one is aware of the size of their honey bee hive,” he added. “They are all surprised because they are expecting something the size of a wasp nest or hornet’s nest. The infrared gives them the first clue, but that’s only the brood combs of the hive. The babies are incubated at 94.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Any honey combs in the hive are cooler and usually don’t show on the IR.”

David has been doing this for 9 years. This time, however, even the experienced professional was intrigued. So much so that he decided to document everything and post it to Facebook. There, his story has been liked by nearly 50,000 people in just a few days. Continue scrolling and check out how everything unfolded! Just don’t forget your veil. You’ll need it.

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A honey bee rescue and relocation organization has shared its latest mission, and it has been liked by nearly 50,000 people in just a few days