It’s a sad indication of the times we live in when somebody has to create an illustrated guide that teaches bystanders how they can help victims of Islamophobic harassment. But due to the increased pressure experienced by the Islamic community in France following a number of tragic terrorist attacks in the country recently, a Paris-based illustrator who goes by the name of Maeril decided to create this useful guide to encourage people to assist Muslims unfairly targeted because of their faith.

“I’m focusing on protecting Muslims here,” writes Maeril on her Tumblr page. “As they have been very specific targets lately, and as a French Middle Eastern woman, I wanted to try and do something to raise awareness on how to help when such things happen before our eyes – that way one cannot say they “didn’t know what to do”!” Scroll down to see what you can do to help.

More info: Tumblr | Instagram (h/t: demilked)