We’ve all met them, we’ve been around them and we’ve probably judged them as well—people who are the least competent think that they’re the best. They will offer you their opinions on politics, economy, and social issues even though you never asked them. They’ll tell you the best route to get to point B, they will overestimate their skills and sometimes even belittle you for not agreeing with them. They’re the smart ones, after all. It is the Dunning Kruger effect in all its glory, and I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have witnessed it unfold in real life at one point or another.

Recently, one writer from Bristol, UK put this idea into a now-viral Facebook post. He took an example of an inexperienced chess player playing the game with an expert. Naturally, the inexperienced one will lose. But what does it mean? Scroll down below to check how Tom Denton explains it.

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One man recently explained just “how stupid we all actually are”

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While Tom’s Facebook post did go viral, not everyone was in agreement with him. “That’s not science, not science at all. Like at all,” one social media user commented. “Whoever wrote this up is not a grandmaster of thought,” another one added. But we think that you should decide for yourself before jumping to conclusions.

Over 1,000 people liked the post and it quickly spread onto other social media platforms as well


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Most Facebook users loved the analogy


But people weren’t so agreeable on Imgur