Montreal, just like any big city, is full of homeless people. And just like in every other city, there’s a vast majority of people who do everything they can to NOT see the homeless. You know exactly what I mean: you’ve spotted one from a few meters away, so you speed up your pace, take your phone out or look the other way, making sure to avoid this uncomfortable moment when you just know they’re going to ask for some spare change and you’ll say no…

If you recognized yourself in the paragraph above, then these series are dedicated to you. Understand that I am not judging you in any way; hell, I used to be you. But one day I realized the homeless are humans, just like me. And if we all saw them as humans – and not just “beggars” – then maybe we’d realize it’s quite a messed up society we’ve built for ourselves… I mean, how did we come to think it was okay to have so many of us living in such miserable conditions?

So take a good look at this sad aspect of our society, and stop looking away because it’s not gonna go away on its own. And next time you see one, whether you wanna give them some change or not, don’t look the other way. Because for having chatted with quite a few homeless people, I can tell you that they’ll appreciate your smile much more than your 1$ coin.

I also take portraits of the homeless and share the stories they tell me.

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Thank you for watching these

Now stop looking away when you see me