I just came back from an unbelievable surprise trip to Iceland to shoot the Holuhraun eruption up there. It’s been extraordinarily amazing, even by Icelandic standards, and witnessing this natural phenomenon in all its might is hardly describable in words.

Pulling a few strings, I managed to get a permit to enter the eruption site, so with 2 friends we drove in and shot the eruption from hundreds of meters away. It might seem far, but with the lava in Baugur crater being shot 50-60 meters in the air, it appeared huge nonetheless.

I also managed to shoot the eruption from a helicopter, which was absolutely mind boggling. I hope you enjoy my images!

More info: erezmarom.com


Wrath of Baugur

Eruptive Twilight

Volcanic Sunset

Lunar Vortex

Holuhraun Abstract

The Red River

Lava Line

Red Arch


Goodbye Holuhraun