When flying with his stuffed tiger Hobbes (from Bill Waterson’s legendary Calvin & Hobbes comic series), 6-year-old Owen Lake left his buddy behind at Tampa International Airport before a flight to Houston. The lost tiger got to go on an awesome adventure, however, when airport staff took him to show him all the different behind-the-scenes sights at the airport.

When Owen’s family returned to Tampa, airport manager Tony D’Aiuto returned Hobbes to Owen and gave them a special gift as well – a photo album with all of Hobbes’ adventures inside!

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Checking out the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower. Looks like a storm’s rolling in!

Just helping this guy deliver some luggage at the Marriott. Don’t mind me

Mmmm … gelato at Carrabba’s. Blood orange sounds pretty good

“Broken toilet at Airside E? We’re on it!”

Hope my fur is non-flammable! Guess we’ll find out

How do they keep these planes so shiny and clean?


A week later, airport staff returned Hobbes to 6-year-old Owen Lake! They even gave him a photo book with all of Hobbes’ airport adventures inside