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Hidden Railing Street Art That Can Only Be Seen From Certain Angle
User submission
Art9 years ago

Hidden Railing Street Art That Can Only Be Seen From Certain Angle

German street art duo Zebrating has been raising eyebrows with their unconventional yet cool street art designs. The art installations are only fully visible from certain angles, effectively hiding them in plain sight.

Zebrating achieves this unique effect by designing their street art such that it would be painted on the sides of railing and fence supports. When seen from the front, they simply look like railings, but if viewed from the side while walking by, the flat sections form the impression of a single, cool drawing. The street artists’ work requires a thorough understanding of perspective, which they clearly have. Judging by their Facebook page, they’ve run into trouble with the police a few times, but they’ve also got a solid and supportive fan base.

The duo operates primarily in Germany but has installed their unique art all over the world. They are at home both on the street and in the art gallery, which makes sense because many of their drawing ideas look like they would also feel perfectly at home as two-dimensional pieces in a gallery. They are gradually spreading their art to other cities, so make sure to keep your eyes open for their hard-to-spot street art!

Source: Facebook


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