Hi, my name is Sarah, and I have an avoidant personality disorder. That means that as I’m trying to learn mixed media on my own, and I have no one (except my Mom) to view and give feedback on my artistic endeavors. I obsessively watch tutorials on YouTube, but my projects never live up to what I try to imitate, and I’ve realized that’s because I’m finding my style. I need to STOP watching tutorials and do my them on my own, which I think, with some practice, could be great someday too. Please, help me out, tell me what you think. Tell me what makes it look amateur and what I could do to improve. Or, maybe if you like it, tell me you like it? Due to my disorder, I think I’m rambling, so I’ll stop now. I hope you like my works.

The devil is in the details, which unfortunately aren’t captured here by the camera

Again, the detailed color contrast isnt captured well enough by this phone camera

Christmas Card