There is always that one answer that you get from a question that ether makes you laugh or makes you think about reality.


So, Im a femboy, and I went on Quora to ask the question "I am a 16 y/o femboy, how do I look more feminine? Now, I specified I was 16 in the question right? Now let me show u word for word how this *thing* answered
[Yucky warning]

Well you're gonna have to embrace the lifestyle completely there's no half-stepping it if you want to really be a S**sy Femboy Trap

Here is my 19 year old Sissy all 95 lbs 😍

And she's been on hormone therapy now 2 years to get feminizing characteristics

Of course there is the c*** factor and she's naturally well endowed
[insert random image of a femboy he probably took from google]
the rest is actually just very gross and not suitable for this site. It genuinely rlly upset me and especially since this wasnt the only answer like this. I F****N SAID I WAS SIXTEEN IN THE QUESTION!!


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I can't make this up. All I can ask for is for you to believe this. I'm still scared.

This one is scary, and it happened when I was 13. My grandpa owns a farm around 40 minutes away from our house. There are 2 fields in the front yard, and 4 in the back. The 4th one, the farthest, isn't used often. There is a white road sign on the fence on the outside. It is the size of a yield sign. We were playing in the field right by it, and I ask my grandpa what the sign is. The sign is square, is metal, with no color, no words. It's just there. My grandpa looks at me with a serious look. He suggests we go inside. I thought that answer was weird, which is why I wrote this. I look outside a few hours later, and I'm not kidding. The sign was red. That would be freaky all ready. But when we got home for the night, the white sign was in one of the drawers in my room. I'm scared, and I threw it away. I don't believe in paranormal stuff, but I'm scared. I feel like I might be wrong.



Was out drinking in Liverpool, this couple joined us and were a laugh, at one point me and the wife went out for a smoke.
Me: so how's you night going?
Her: I've been having an affair for the last 5 years, I'm sorry to tell you this but I just had to tell someone, anyone, and you are a random stranger.
Me: ..........



I asked for sum1s gender before and they just sent me a long paragraph saying how homophobic i was and racist, like dude.


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