what odd things have you spotted while working at your job?


I worked as a flight manager for a big airline at an international airport in Europe.
Lots of very strange things and bizarre people from all over the world on a daily base!
But this incident, I will never forget:
One day I get called to the luggage check-in:
there seemed to be a problem with a young Chinese passenger booked on an economy ticket to Hong Kong.
Now you must know about the airlines luggage rules, which in that case would have been two pieces of luggage, each weighing a maximum of 23 kg EACH!
That is more than 100 pounds altogether, especially if you consider, that my airline has always tolerated a few kilos more at no extra overweight charge!
So this young man has two suitcases, one weighing over 35 kilos, the other, even larger suitcase only about 10 kg.
I explain him, that he is fine with the overall weight, but that he needs to repack a little as we are not allowed to accept suitcases over 35kg.
That has to do with international health protection laws for the loaders, who must lift hundreds of suitcases daily.
He keeps fussing about it, I explain him, that if he doesn’t transfer a few kilos into the other suitcase, I not only have to charge him an overweight fee, but that he also risks that his heavy suitcase would not arrive at his final destination because loaders are legally allowed to refuse lifting luggage that heavy - at any airport all over the world.
So finally he attempts to repack but fails, as the light suitcase’s volume has already been completely taken.....
.....by hundreds of rolls of toilet paper!!!
That was 15 years ago, long BEFORE Covid!
Most surprising though: he DID pay the extra charge instead of just dumping some rolls out.
I bet that ended up turning into the most expensive toilet paper in the world!
Must have been some precious butt he bought this souvenir for ;-)


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i saw a man at my office a while ago sitting at his desk, scraping toe fungus of his feet, onto the carpet. it was nasty.



Used to work in spas and we had to give disposable underwear to the customers before the massage!
Of course we were explaining what they are and where to put them but some customers didn't speak any other language than their native so communication was difficult!

I've seen these things worn in so many different ways that i wouldn't think it's possible but the funniest one was a customer that came out of the locker room wearing them on the head ! Needless to say that i couldn't hold my laughter and that massage session was very very difficult🤣🤣🤣🤣