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Sitting at front desk and eating lunch during lectures when professor faces the blackboard.



4th grade: Me and my friends were messing around in the lunch room singing the ‘I’m a banana’ song and then one of the lunch monitors started talking so we stopped. Then when she was done we started again and the whole lunch room was doing it with us!



Don’t know if it’s funny, but one time a kid whipped out an actual television and a freaking GameCube (this was in the late 2010s) in history class. He plugged it up and started playing when the substitute teacher gave us free time. He and the substitute then had a friendly argument about whether or not this violated a rule somewhere in the student handbook. The substitute insisted there must be some kind of rule while the student said that he had checked and that there were no such restrictions.

Definitely an interesting exchange to watch nonetheless, and almost everyone I told about thought I was exaggerating/lying about it.


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ok my school was over crowded all that stuff and we had these little tournaments we called gator bowls they got so loud you couldn't really tell what was happening so one of my friends yelled something about a teacher they hated and right as they were yelling the room fell silent. long story short I busted out laughing and we both had to go to the principal.


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