Has a famous person ever shown more interest in you than other people? Why do you think that happened, and what happened? Was the result a net positive impact on your life or ultimately harmful?


Sooo, there was a really bad time for me. I felt like I'm losing the man, I built my life around. Almost died of heart issues, received serious psychosis, clinical, more than two years long depression. In a word, lots of fun. Than, when some bits of a healthy feelings started to pour back into my life, I began to comment on posts of one of our local bloggers. The thing is, I watched that f**k more than ten years, and he was something that gave me the feeling of stability. He was kind of clever, I was proud of him, actually. I was too sick for anything, so when that blogger started act weirdly hysterically, I guessed he must be had something on his mind, lol. It's strange, how everybody are willing to stab you in a back, when you are in the most vulnerable state.
But there wasn't any impact, though. You just realize, that if all the world around you is collapsing, you just have no other choice, but let it go.


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