Many of you have been asking about it for years, and we finally did it – we made a Bored Panda app! Why not earlier?

We didn’t just want to jump on the app-making bandwagon – we wanted it to be perfect. Now, with 100s of user submissions every day, we finally have enough awesome stories to keep your boredom away.

We spent 5 months (for a total of 1.5 panda-years) creating it. After 50,000 downloads and tons of positive reviews we want to announce it publicly – Bored Panda is now on the App Store!

Our developers – Karolis, Vytautas, Adomas, Gediminas and Aurimas – want to thank you for your positive reviews and feedback.

bored panda just released an ios app and 50000 have already downloaded it

Here are some key features:

* We got faster: This app is way faster than our mobile website. We significantly boosted the performance on both the server and client sides. With a 3G connection, loading a new story usually takes less than one second.
* Less is more: We spent a lot of time polishing the design and user experience. Every detail was taken care of and all unnecessary stuff was stripped out from our feeds and posts. Reading stories, voting and commenting is more pleasant than ever before.
* We really love your stories: That’s why we gave our submission form so much thought while building our app. It has all the necessary tools, like multiple-image uploading and image sorting, for you to publish the great stories that pandas love to read.

Try it out and let us know what you think below in the comments!

Bored Panda download from the app store