Here’s the 3rd set of 10 heartwarming comics, inspired by real-life stories of Healthcare Heroes battling COVID-19.

Since the 1st of April, I started creating a series of heartwarming comics to show my respect for our tireless healthcare workers. After the first set of 14 comics and a second set of 10, I did another 10 more new stories, hoping that more of us can appreciate the sacrifices that healthcare workers around the world are making.

Follow my works on Instagram if you like them, I appreciate that a lot. And remember: stay home, stay safe, make the fight easier for our heroes!

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Many hospitals are running out of face masks and shields, resulting in healthcare workers reusing their protective gears multiple times and risking contamination

Shops are re-opening to keep the economy running, not because the virus is gone. Stay masked, and stay safe

The Doctor always wins

Family support is the strongest medicine

Cleaning frequency has increased manyfold during this period, to ensure hospitals are kept clean and virus-free. Thanks to all housekeeping and cleaning staff!

Happy Father’s Day to all, especially to our frontliner fathers! We are truly thankful and proud of you!

Coronavirus does not discriminate. Only humans do

Muslim patients and healthcare workers around the world are keeping their faith and fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, even during this trying period

Stay mentally strong, our healthcare heroes!

We know we are safe, because You are always there for us