Over the course of years, many conducted studies have shown that social media can be quite harmful to one’s mental health. It’s not so hard to see why – when millions of angry people are suddenly given the platform to express their raw feelings, things can get pretty ugly. Today, no one is immune from receiving hateful and toxic messages and a Twitter user Abdul Dremali, a marketing consultant from Boston, is no exception. “I get pretty rude messages very often. I’m fortunate to have a large social media following and with that large audience comes a lot of haters. It’s just part of the game,” he told Bored Panda.

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However, Abdul found a unique way to deal with people insulting him online. “I came up with the idea to just be overly kind as an experiment. Years of constantly getting defensive when someone insults you get tiring so I made a game out of it. It’s served me well because it eliminates any animosity. It ends up being funny regardless because I dismiss their hostility entirely.” he said. One conversation he had perfectly demonstrates this experiment. After receiving a hateful message Abdul responded with a compliment and changed the tone of the conversation, which ended with wishing each other goodnight like friends. “I’ve never talked to that guy again. I think he changed his username because millions of people saw him being racist. Probably a smart move on his part,” he added.

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