People love decorating their lawns and front yards. And depending on the season, you might find different decorations. You know, like garden gnomes and flamingos in the summer and Christmas lights and reindeer in the winter.

Well, remember that Halloween season is coming. Why not go with something a bit more unorthodox and plonk down a mechanical smoke-breathing dragon on your lawn. Yeah! Screw pumpkins and cobwebs, this Halloween season needs more dragons!

Skip pumpkins and cobwebs this year because you can now get an animatronic dragon as a Halloween decoration

Image credits: Home Depot

So, Home Depot has recently announced that it now offers a huge gray mechanical smoke-breathing dragon that moves its mouth and roars every few seconds. Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, you’re right in thinking it’s awesome.

According to the online catalog, the dragon measures 69 inches in height by 51.5 inches in width by 94.5 in depth, or, in other words, it’s 5,9 feet in height and it’s easily big enough to serve as a horrendous Halloween decoration to scare the neighborhood kids and other unsuspecting folk.

Home Depot announced Halloween season by putting up this huge animatronic smoke-breathing dragon for sale

Image credits: Home Depot

It comes equipped with some LED lights for eyes to make it spookier at night whilst it’s moving its huge mouth, roaring its throat out over the built-in speaker. The website also advertises that you can install a smoke machine inside, which is sold separately, to make the dragon also breathe fire whilst giving everyone the heebie-jeebies.

The huge and gruesome gray beast comes at a price, however. Anyone willing to get their hands on it will have to cough up $399 or 6 easy monthly installments of $67 as stated on the Home Depot website.

It comes equipped with LED lights for eyes and a sound speaker that lets out a draconic roar

Image credits: Home Depot

Bored Panda got in touch with Flint Thornton, the man behind the video of the dragon found below:

My family has always loved Halloween but the kids are now off to distant lands, so we don’t decorate as much as we used to. My wife and I both work in offices at different colleges so we’ve enjoyed displaying inflatable decor, such as a unicorn or giant praying mantis for the students to enjoy.”

He continued: “A few months ago, we chose the animated dragon for fun but didn’t realize how huge it is! It’s very easy to put together and it’s quite impressive looking in our yard. It’s unfortunate that students won’t get to see him this year.”

Besides that, it also has room for a fogger to make it look like it’s breathing smoke

Image credits: Home Depot

The expected assembly time is around 30 minutes and it’s powered by a regular AC plug, but apparently it also requires 3 batteries, however, the reason is not explained.

For those wanting to add the smoke machine, one of the reviewers of the product explained that it needs to be 600 watts or more. Home Depot sells a 1,000-watt smoke machine for $70.

It measures at 5.9 feet in height and 4.3 feet in width—a size that adds to the overall scary aesthetic

Image credits: Flint Thornton

One happy customer reviewed the product on Home Depot’s website as follows:

“Imagine the oohs and awwws that you’ll hear when trick-or-treaters of all ages come upon your house and see this 69 inch tall dragon with loud roars! It’s quite a sight! This animated giant dragon was very easy to put together and disassemble because the flanges on the legs and arms were clearly marked and attached easily; just align the pieces together and twist. Great for the family to help create a unique Halloween experience.”

The dragon can be bought for $399 on the Home Depot website

Image credits: Flint Thornton

“Even though we have older neighbors, they get quite a kick out of this loud monster, but we wouldn’t keep the sound on for too long out of respect to them,” explained Thornton. “The trick-or-treaters usually come around 5–7pm, so we were planning to just make it come to life for the older kids.

Opinions on the giant dragon vary, with one person explaining that the paint isn’t up to snuff as it can come off very easily, and another customer saying that it’s not all that weatherproof, despite it being advertised as suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Regardless, people love the detail, the sound isn’t obnoxiously loud, and it’s an all around great idea to change it up this Halloween season. When was the last time you saw a dragon during Halloween? Exactly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the fog machine, so that will have to be bought separate for another $70

Image credits: Flint Thornton

Check out the awesome animatronic dragon in action in the video below

Image credits: Flint Thornton

Let us know what you thought about this? How will you be decorating for Halloween this season? Let us know in the comments section below!

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