Did you know that gym is short for gymnasium? Nobody calls it that, but it does surprise people to learn that it’s actually a short version of a 4-syllable word. The more you know!

Anywho, gyms have been booming lately, but while it’s a place for people to become and stay fit and healthy, it, sadly, also attracts folk that are there to gawk at others. Usually, it’s the case where guys become predators and dare to even take pictures of ladies while they work out. Don’t be that guy.

But, on rare occasions, men also become innocent victims in a gym. This is that story, as shared by a Reddit user who, unfortunately, had to go through an unpleasant experience at the gym.

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While a gym is a place of health and fitness, sometimes it can also become a place of conflict

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So, Reddit user u/ConsequenceOutside64 recently went to the r/AmITheA-Hole subreddit to share a thing that happened to him at the gym in hopes of understanding if he was in the wrong here.

The story goes that he was working out. While doing so, he keeps track of all his reps on the phone. It just so happened, he was also in the proximity of one squatting rack that he wanted to use, but it was a tad bit crowded there. Specifically, there was a lady with tights too thin for her own good using it.

One Reddit user shared his experience of being accused of snapping pictures of women at a gym, when he didn’t

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He was uncomfortable with that, so he went through his gym routine while staying close to the racks until they became free. However, the lady there mistook his presence and how he was checking his phone for doing the pervy thing of taking pictures of her.

So, she confronted him in a loud and rather aggressive manner. It caught the redditor off-guard, especially when swearwords and demands to go through his phone were on the table. Oh, and this was besides the fact that she was recording him the whole time.

He shared the story on Reddit in hopes of finding out whether he was in the wrong here

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Anyway, he refused. Not sure if he mentioned why to anyone, but he did explain in the post that he had some private photos on the phone he didn’t want anyone to see. The argument quickly moved to the gym admin, who offered to be a third party in checking his phone. He again declined.

Instead he offered to check the footage. When the manager came over, they eventually did, and despite not being able to see what in particular he was doing on the phone, it was clear that he wasn’t tilting it at anyone, especially the lady that went ballistic on him, and hence he couldn’t have snapped pics of her.

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But this did raise the question—was he in the wrong to refuse to give his phone to be checked for pictures of the angry lady? He himself claimed it’s his phone, it’s all private, and he is not obligated in any way to show its contents to anyone.

And while the people in the gym disagreed with that, many redditors ended up voting that he isn’t the a-hole here. Most ruled that it would have been a breach of his privacy, despite it being an ideal way of resolving the issue on the spot.

While others understood why the woman was upset and how she acted—she’d already had an experience like that—they thought that she should have still been more civil about it and should have gone straight to the gym’s admins instead of making such a big scene.

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The post managed to garner over 20,000 upvotes, with nearly 3,000 people expressing their thoughts on the matter in the comments. The post eventually received the tag determining that he is in fact not the bad guy in this story. AITA democracy triumphs again.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Who’s right and who’s wrong (if anyone)? Leave us a comment in the comment section below!

The Reddit ‘jury’ determined that he is not, in fact, in the wrong here