There’s no thing sweeter and more innocent than the first love. The initial lightness inside the stomach as butterflies start dancing at the sight of your crush, the fluttering in your heart at the thought of asking them out, and the shy glances once they show up, all compare to no other feeling in the world. But as exciting as those experiences are, they can also be scary as the shadow of rejection looms above. One 17-year-old, overwhelmed by his feelings for a transgender girl, decided to ask Reddit’s advice on the subject. People’s responses, as well as the guy’s own replies are some of the most wholesome content on the internet. So scroll down below to read the full exchange and don’t forget to tell us what you think! (Facebook cover image: istockphoto | yoh4nn)

Image credits: yoh4nn  (not the actual photo)

A young sought relationship advice from people online as he had a crush on a trans girl

People quickly responded with their own advice, and the original poster replied to their suggestions

His final comment suggests that he gathered the courage to ask her out and we can only hope it went beautifully

The response to the guy’s confession was positive…

With American actress and LGBT advocate Laverne Cox advising the young man to pursue his feelings