Since 1980, PETA has made a name for itself as the number-one authority on animal welfare. UK-based YouTube vlogger Calum McSwiggan, however, wants people to consider otherwise, and recently used a scathing Twitter rant to sound off on the organization’s true colors.

After recent investigations, PETA has come under fire for a lot more than just the scantily clad women they use for marketing. In a March 2017 press release, the Center for Consumer Freedom revealed that PETA euthanized more than 1400 cats and dogs at its Norfolk, Virginia shelter in 2016. PETA defends their animal cruelty actions as ethically and economically necessary, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that their attention-grabbing media presence may be more important to them the animal rights and their lives, too.

McSwiggan’s savage roasts, that has now attracted over 6 thousand respective likes and shares is both shocking and resounding with Twitter users, most of whom had never dared to question PETA before. Follow the entire story and the best roasts below, and weigh in with your views at the end!

Meet Calum McSwiggan, a British YouTuber who vlogs about LGBT rights, mental health, and other social issues

Recently, he posted a scathing Twitter thread about PETA, and what he wrote may shock you

The thread has since gone viral with over 6 thousand respective shares and likes

“I can not believe I trusted PETA before,” one of many dumbfounded Twitter users commented

For some users, the revelations were no surprise…

Others, however, defended the organisation’s tactics

What do you think? Does PETA help or harm the animals they claim to protect? Tell us below!