There is nothing wrong with seducing a woman and there are a lot of tasteful ways to do it. Sending unsolicited d*ck pics, however, isn’t one of them. When a guy who went to the same high school as Tamira contacted her, she responded like a decent human being, giving him the opportunity to catch up. But as the conversation progressed, it became obvious that the dude had other plans.

“I was getting ready for work and distracted,” Tamira wrote. “I just wanted him to go away without hard feelings.” But their exchange kept getting weirder and weirder, climaxing with an impromptu picture of the guy’s penis. Insecure and obnoxious, the creep wouldn’t step down. “He wasn’t scary like this in high school either, so I was unprepared.” Naturally, Tamira took the most reasonable route. She forwarded screenshots of the entire chat to his grandma. Scroll down to check out how she responded!

She did send it…

Here’s what his grandmother had to say

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