A man wandering alone through the halls in a museum. Sounds familiar? Like a plot of a comedy maybe? But this time, this is not a plot of a children’s book, nor is it a scenario of yet another Hollywood remake. But it certainly is no less hilarious. Turns out, one man figured it would be a great idea to visit the Museum of Illusions in New York City all by himself. And while it’s definitely a cool idea to roam a museum on your own, this one is certainly made for more friendly trips since as it turns out, you can’t execute most of the illusions there on your own. Thankfully, the museum has great staff who are quite used to these little miscalculations and follow unfortunate visitors in order to help them with making the illusions.

Bando Calrissian recently had a solo trip to the New York Museum Of Illusion

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Visiting exhibitions or museums on your own is a perfect idea for a “date with yourself”. You get to stroll around at your own pace without having to worry about what your companion wants to see or do first. Well, Bando Calrissian thought he would avoid exactly that and went to the museum alone. Little did he know in this particular museum, having a companion is crucial for some illusions to work. Thankfully, a woman who works there tagged along to help him out with that.

Little did he know then that to create most of the illusions in the museum, you need a partner

But who needs friends in a museum when the staff is so cool

Some people noticed that she didn’t show a big happy grin in the photos Bando shared, to which Bando replied: “If someone had you doing stuff outside of your job requirements you’d be “over it” too”. He said he was immensely grateful to the worker just for standing in the photos with him. “Every time we had to take a pic I was like “I’m sorrryyyy”,” he said.

Apparently, Bando got a woman who works there to walk around with him and take pictures together

Well, he sure had the time of his life

Image credits: its_micAh

Bando explained that you need the assistance of the staff every step you take in the museum. “Employees take the photos,” he explained. “They were positioning me in proper positions. It was legit like a photoshoot. They would be like “hold your hand here”, “ok now tilt your head at this angle. Staff member […] behind the camera was fully invested in me getting the best shots!”


We hope the lady who assisted him in executing the illusions had a pleasant time too!

Bando later explained that he tried to tip the kind woman who accompanied him in the museum and tried to give her 20 dollars but she refused. We hope her experience was at least half as good as Bando’s! And no worries, his solo trip to the museum was before the quarantine!


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