Coming out is never easy. The culture might be changing, society might be changing, but that doesn’t mean it makes telling your family that you’re gay any easier.

For most, it is the fear of not being accepted for who you are, fear of how people’s behavior might change in light of this information, or what people’s reaction might be. Throw in anxiety and the fear is tenfold.

But sometimes (and hopefully, always), you get wholesome responses from the people you live, like this man did when he got a text from his grandpa, becoming an grand example of love and support for his gay grandson.

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Coming out is never easy, but it really helps to get a wholesome response afterwards

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Meet Twitter user Trav (Twitter tag @chipotletwink) who has not so long ago come out as gay to his grandpa. Now, telling your parents you’re gay can be nerve-wracking, let alone grandparents, who are long set in their ways and beliefs, so you can guess how monumental this move was to Trav.

But instead of what many might assume and expect from older generations when it comes to homosexuality, this grandpa surprised everyone with his loving and wholesome response.

Twitter user Trav came out to his grandpa and got one of the most loving responses ever


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Grandpa started off by saying that he (along with others in the family) had a hunch Trav was gay, and that the suspicion began many years ago. “It’s not something easily hidden, but it certainly wasn’t for us to come forth and ask you.”

He proceeded to express his unconditional love and that it doesn’t matter that he’s gay—as long as Trav is happy. They will continue supporting him and wishing him success regardless of what he chooses in life.

Grandad also took the opportunity to give some reassurance, telling Trav that he was and is always free to talk to him about anything, and showed that he understood how hard it was for Trav to come out in the first place.

The message went viral on Twitter soon after posting, prompting Trav to share a pic with his boyfriend


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He did give out a warning that even though 2021 is a rather progressive time to live in, it’s not entirely safe and that there may be some who respond with prejudice and hate.

But, he concluded by saying that Enrique, Trav’s boyfriend, seems like a really nice guy and that he is welcome any time, ending his message with “Love you.”

Trav shared his grandpa’s entire message on Twitter, explaining that he had finally come out to his grandpa and that his response was a true tearjerker.

Over 210k people on Twitter liked Trav’s grandpa’s response and expressed support

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Oh, and the emotions didn’t stop there as Twitter showered Trav with loads of support—so much so that the tweet gained over 210,000 likes soon after it was posted.


Many expressed words of congratulation, saying that his grandpa is awesome. Others shared their own stories, whether they themselves came out or how their friends came out to them.

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So, what are your thoughts on this? If you have any coming out stories, why not share them with us in the comment section below!