It is a tiny bit ironic that I’m writing about a tiny baby puppy falling asleep during a photoshoot when I myself am struggling with post-lunch fatigue. I can feel myself drifting, yet I’m trying my best to avoid the curtains of sleep drawing in ever-closer. But I’m sure all the adorableness that’s coming is going to bring me back to life.

This adorable pup decided that having his initiation photo was not as important as catching some z’s. Honestly, same! But the adorableness has taken the internet by storm, quickly gaining 11.2M views, and it would be a crime to you, dear readers, if we did not share it with you all.

So prepare yourselves for dozens of pup pictures and absolute cuteness. Before we start, I’d like to remind you to leave your thoughts below and tell us your hacks for not falling asleep at work. Upvote, follow, stay awesome! Now, let’s dive into it!

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This tiny puppy, named Benny, was having his picture taken, when he decided that a nap would be a lot more fun

Image credits: dog_rates

Benny, the pup, was born at the Guide Dog Foundation. The pup is destined for greatness in an important role, either becoming a guide dog for someone visually impaired or a service dog for a veteran or to aid first responders. The trainers would decide which the pup was better suited for, but first, it needed an initiation photograph!

The photoshoot has become a tradition of the Guide Dog Foundation, with them taking pictures of all the puppies born at the facility. They were very excited to take adorable pictures of little Benny, but the shoot was happening right at nap time.


The Guide Dog Foundation, where the pup was born, will be training Benny for a very important role of either a guide dog or a service dog

Image credits: dog_rates

The pup did his best to hang on, but the nap fairies were too strong, and soon, the pup flopped down. “During the shoot, Benny looked sleepier than ever, and we could see him starting to doze off so we quickly began filming just in time to watch him slowly tip over,” Rebecca Eden, the internet marketing coordinator at the Guide Dog Foundation, told The Dodo. Our nursery staff and photographer were all giggling, and you can hear one staff member say, ‘Goodnight,’ as he dozes off.”

The photographer still managed to capture some cute shots to announce Benny’s initiation into the program, and honestly, his sleepiness made everything 50 times better. Benny is now 7 months old and his training is going well. One day he will make a massive difference in someone’s life, but for now, he can nap all he likes.

The video shared on Twitter quickly caught fire, getting over 11M views, with many sharing photos of their own sleepy or excited pups. Let’s have a look at some!


Image credits: SaschaSasha_

The clip, shared by the Twitter handle We Rate Dogs, has amassed over 11.2 million views since it was posted on Thursday, June 30.

What made the post all the more special is the fact that people started sharing photos of their own puppies, both sleepy and very excited, so hey – more puppies!

Image credits: jason4hd

Image credits: MiltonMoopy

Image credits: paulaslandd

The pups chosen for guide or service dog duties must possess certain characteristics to be the best at their jobs before they’re trained further

Image credits: dshaggyshepherd

Now, we could talk about how puppies are chosen to become service dogs or guide dogs, but I think… You know what, let’s touch on it for the heck of it! It’s quite interesting – these dogs are selected using a test comprising several behavioral components.

According to Psychiatric Service Dog Partners, the most important skills and characteristics for a puppy to have are: retrieving (a dog that will retrieve for you as a puppy will be willing to be trained); quick recovery from startling experiences; order in which the puppies greet you (take the puppy that comes up to you a little later, crawls into your lap and doesn’t leave); acceptance of being held; following; and forgiveness.


Image credits: zoomxoxo


Image credits: rachael_happy

Image credits: JRFlames1

Such characteristics include: Retrieving, Quick recovery from startling experiences, Acceptance of being held, Following, and Forgiveness

Image credits: cautiousangel49

It may seem like a lot for a pup to handle, but let’s remember that they’re preparing to do a job for years to come. A job that will require them to exude patience and not give into distractions, while also providing the best care to their owner and following their every command.

Saying all that, let’s dive into a topic that more of us can relate to – sleepiness hitting at the worst times. Sure you can fill your body full of caffeine and energy drinks, but that gets old quite fast, and the once-magical cures become problems in themselves. So what can be done?


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Now, for all those who are struggling with staying awake due to stress, not enough sleep and a poor diet, here are some tips to get you through!

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You might not want to hear it (or read it, heh, technicalities), but many cases of tiredness are due to stress, not enough sleep, and a poor diet. According to the NHS, some great venues of energy are food, exercise, sleep and a reduction in stress. Thanks so much, as if we didn’t know that already…

However, following a lifestyle of 8 hours of sleep per day, 3 balanced veggie-full meals, exercise twice a day, including walking 10.000 steps, is sometimes so far outside of capability that you are left asking: What can I – a person who slept 4 hours last night because I was binging a TV show and thus forgot to make a sandwich for lunch – do to get myself through this slog of a mood?


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Take many short walks, a short nap (or 10min of keeping your eyes closed), look away from the screen, change up the tasks you’re doing and turn on the lights

Image credits: PaxMundi

Well, as advised by WebMD, try to get up frequently for short walks, as this will make you feel more alert and refreshed. Try to take a short nap, no more than 25 minutes. “If you can’t nap, even resting quietly with your eyes closed for 10 minutes or so will help,” says Allison T. Siebern.

Look away from the screen for a few minutes periodically to relax your eyes, and try to focus on another task to wake up your brain in a different way. Environments with dim lighting aggravate fatigue, so turn on the lights, you little vampire.

Image credits: CloneLurker

Hope this helps some of you, but hey – if you’re as adorable as a puppy dozing off, don’t let me stop you! We just know Benny is going to be the best little pupper!

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Hope this helps you a little! I know writing this article has helped me a lot!

Again, don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments answering the question – what’s your go-to trick to reducing sleepiness? I shall wish you all the best and see you in the next one!