1,134 people DIED after clothing factory building collapse in Bangladesh. 3 of the 4 biggest tragedies in fashion history took place in Bangladesh in 2013. 

When companies are making factories to lower product prices, the owners can do nothing but agree and work faster and cheaper. If not, the retailer will have this done somewhere else. The only way out is to cut costs, by reducing wages for employees, lowering the working conditions and safety, produce with no respect for the environment.

“We are actually profiting from their need to work, to use them as slaves, and I’m not saying that we shouldn’t give them the work, but they have to be treated with the same respect as our children or friends. They’re not different from us ” – Livia Firth.

I made billboards, showing the greed and horrors of fashion industries and displayed them on the streets of Warsaw, Poland.

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