Going through your grandparents’ belongings can bring back waves of family memories, but it can also give you a window into the times they lived through. One Imgur user from Michigan recently found an old box in her grandpa’s closet, and ended up uncovering a treasure trove of history.

At first, it seemed that the box contained nothing more than tattered high school diplomas, and it couldn’t even be closed properly. When the woman realized that the top drawers of the box were removable, however, she dug deeper, and soon enough hit the “jack-frickin’-pot” most of us only dream of. Grandparents are certainly experts at hiding secret stashes, whether it’s candy or vintage goods!

Check out what the woman found below, and remember that you can enlarge each image by clicking on it!

“Found a box in Grandpa’s closet. It doesn’t completely close. It’s not a very good box”


“High school diplomas of Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Great Uncle. Neat, but only to my family”

“But what’s this? Those drawers come out?!”


“Highlights in no particular order. The grandparents probably saved the later ones, but some are probably from Grandpa’s parent’s collection”

“Moon landing – 1969”

“Moon landing, plus Kennedy news”

“A princess becomes a queen – 1953”

“The death of Lincoln. Technically 1865. This is either a reprint or a reprint of a reprint. You can tell by the Extra 8:10 a.m. headline. Max age, 1880”

“Psychology from 1977”

“End of WWII – 1945”


“American bicentennial 7/4/1976”

“Death of Kennedy”

“End of WWII. Bonus – this newspaper doesn’t exist any more”

“The legitimately oldest paper in the box – 1891”

“End of WWI – 1918”

“Death of Roosevelt – 1919”

“End of WWI”

“Eisenhower elected – 1952”

“Death of President McKinley – 1901. Not sure why name is spelled that way”