To paraphrase Joey, you can’t have Halloween without trick-or-treating. That’s like the Fourth of July without apple pie. Or Friday with no two pizzas.

After Kaitlyn Ross, a reporter for NBC affiliate 11Alive in Atlanta, heard that neighborhoods and entire cities started prohibiting kids and teens from going candy hunting on the spookiest night of the year, she set out to inspire change. Kaitlyn said she will be the house handing out the good stuff. To just about everyone who knocks on the door.

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“The city that banned trick or treating after [for people older than 14] is in Virginia,” Kaitlyn told Bored Panda. “We did a news story on it for 11Alive and it just really bummed me out.

The Halloween advocate said, “They wanted to cut down on vandalism, which I understand, but I … it didn’t seem fair that the kids there don’t get to do it. I think kids should get to stay kids as long as they can, and Halloween is a part of that.”

Kaitlyn had trick-or-treated all through high school herself and it made her sad that kids who live there won’t get to do that. “I always remember the house that gave out the big candy bars,” she said. “It made me smile and every kid in the neighborhood went there first!”

So far, there isn’t a similar restriction in Kaitlyn’s home city of Atlanta. “Kids and adults of all ages are welcome to trick or treat here, but it will be pouring rain tonight, so we will have to see how many actually brave the elements.”

However, judging by the reactions her post has received, it definitely seems that it’s going to be quite the occasion. “A lot of people told me they always hand out the big ones, and there are a lot of creative people who hand out stickers or crafts. I just love that people are sharing their joy with me! But mostly, people are asking for our address!”

Many joined Kaitlyn saying they’re also preparing for the big night

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