The only thing more fun than people-watching is eavesdropping, especially when a major scandal in someone else’s life is unfolding right before your ears. 27-year-old Brittney-Jade Colangelo was at an airport bar in Ohio when she overheard the two women next to her discussing a devious plan over multiple rounds of shots, and since she figured the Internet would be just as interested in what was going down as she was, she pulled a pro move and live-tweeted the entire thing. Though she knows them only as ‘Shot Lady,’ the more experienced drinker of pair, and ‘Gum Lady,’ due to the ‘extreme couponer’s’ amount of gum in her purse, the glimpse she gives us into their personal lives is shocking.

Twitter was totally hooked, and not only did they draw parallels to the Netflix hit show Grace & Frankie, they demanded that Shot Lady and Gum Lady get their own weekly sitcom. They even went as far as suggesting that Colangelo should have followed the women and invoiced Twitter for the flight costs through GoFundMe. Alas, the fate of these scorned wives remains unknown, leaving us all with a serious lack of closure.

Scroll down to read the scintillating saga for yourself, and with any luck, this story just might find its way to one of these dear ladies in time for them to share the outcome of their scheme.

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This is 27-year-old Brittney-Jade Colangelo, a Cleveland resident who just eavesdropped on the best scandal ever

The story unfolding right beside her was just too good not to live-tweet for everyone else to follow

People got hooked, and basically started begging for closure by the time they were done reading

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