Many of us fondly remember music from our childhood. All it takes is a few starting notes and we already know what song it is—and the more hardcore people will even know the year and where they know it from.

Well, features and remixes have the same effect. You may hear a song you don’t know mixed in with elements from another song that you definitely recognize and be taken aback by it, but what is even better is when it’s a mashup—two songs that have been put into one without compromising the original sound, the best of both worlds, in some ways.

Turns out, there’s a very well-done mashup that has been recently circulating the internet—and just in time for Halloween, too, as it mashes up the main theme from the movie Ghostbusters with the Beastie Boys’ hit Intergalactic. Oh, you better believe it sounds awesome.

A Ghostbusters/Beastie Boys mashup just hit the internet that’s making people add it to their Halloween playlists

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So, William Maranci, a YouTuber and “Massachusetts-based mashup madman” with whom Bored Panda got in touch has recently come out with a mashup of the legendary Ghostbusters movie theme song by Ray Parker Jr. released in 1983 and the international award-winning hit Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys in 1998.

It opens up with the chilling guitar riff from the Ghostbusters theme and as soon as the drums kick in, you hear the oh-so familiar trio rapping Well! Now!… and the rest is nostalgia.

The song continues with all of the familiar sounds and elements of the two original songs in unison, leading to the synth brass instrument chorus of the Ghostbusters theme coupled up with intergalactic, planetary, planetary intergalactic.

“I was inspired to do mashups after hearing “Psychosocial Baby” by Isosine,” explains Maranci how he was inspired to do mashups in the first place. “I didn’t start making mashups seriously until 2015, and I was inspired heavily by the Soundclown movement and mashup artists like Neil Cicierega.”

YouTuber William Maranci created this mashup as his annual obligatory Halloween project

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It features all of the original sound as well as the clips from their respective music videos

Image credits: BeastieBoys

The sound and production is seamless for a mashup of such caliber. So much, in fact, that it does seem like the Beastie Boys were actually supposed to rap over the Ghostbusters theme song. The rapping could be a bit louder in places, but people are still loving it.

Throughout the video, scenes of the four Ghostbusters and all of the ghosts and monsters from the movie as well as clips from the Beastie Boys’ music video—with the boys as well as their robot busting a move—are shown.

“I decide which songs to mash up by looking up lists of songs in certain keys or listening for certain common rhythms between certain songs. Sometimes I’ll think of puns involving song titles to inspire a mashup,” explained Maranci.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time William has mashed up the Ghostbusters theme. Last time, he did it with Closer by Nine Inch Nails. “I’m required by law to make one Halloween mashup every year,” he explained in the video description.

The video got over 150k views on YouTube where people thought it was a very well produced mashup

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Of course, there are a number of people who beat him to it and created their own mashups, but none of them really took off as well as William’s version did. As of this article, it has over 150,000 views on YouTube with almost 9,000 likes. It also made some headlines online here and there.

Besides people joking about the song, saying things like “This is what happens when the streams are crossed” and “I ain’t scared of no beasts,” many were praising the song, saying it works very well and that if you’ve never listened to the originals, you’d probably believe that this is the original because of how well it’s done. Some even said it’s worthy of being in their Halloween playlist.

But making mashups of such caliber is no easy feat, as explains Maranci: “The biggest challenge involving mashups is when you are mashing up songs that weren’t done to a click track. Then quantizing the tracks will take a lot longer.” For those unaware, a click track is a series of audio cues that are used to sync sound recordings.

On top of it all, the visuals were also appropriate with clips featuring giants and other themes from both videos

Image credits: Beastie Boys/Columbia Pictures

William Maranci is a YouTuber who is dedicated to creating song mashups. Besides all of his obligatory Halloween mashups, he has also put together songs like Britney Spears’ Toxic But It’s Power by Kanye West, Radiohead’s Creep But It’s All I Want For Christmas Is You and The Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps featuring Mozart. You can check out more of him on his YouTube channel.

“My favorite mashup I’ve made is probably the entire Great Patrician Mashup Album Pt. II. I’m the most proud of that body of work,” said Maranci “I am currently working on a mashup album that will be out in January that has a Fleetwood Mac and Imagine Dragons mashup between the songs “Dreams” and “Thunder” from those respective artists.”

Check out the mashup below

Image credits: William Maranci

What are your thoughts on this? If you’re a fan of both, why not leave us a good Ghostbusters and Beastie Boys pun in the comment section below!

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