Kindness is free. Just a little action that doesn’t even cost a cent. A big smile or a wave can go a long way in putting a smile on anyone’s face. As reported by USA Today News, kindness can appear at any age and even between strangers. The story they wrote on Delvar Dopson and young Brooklyn broke the internet with their wholesome encounter.

You should know the context story between the two. Delvar, the garbage man, drove by the young Brooklyn’s (not the borough of New York) house every Thursday. He picked up the trash and always honked the truck, waved at Brooklyn, and all the while had an unmistakable, big smile on his face. If Brooklyn missed him, she would wave at other trucks. However, Dopson still was her favorite garbage truck driver.

On one Thursday, their friendship became the focal point of the internet’s wholesome lens. Headlines like “Girl gives garbage man cupcake” broke the internet. Here, we will look at the reason behind the cupcake, the current status of Delvar Dopson, and his friendship with Brooklyn. So stick around and find out just how wholesome their whole interaction was.

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“My heart is full when I see the joy that our amazing garbage man brings Brooklyn,” Brooklyn’s mom, Tracy, Said to USA Today News


Why Did Brooklyn Give Dopson a Cupcake?

Now, it’s not every day you get a cupcake for a birthday. It’s more unusual to receive a cupcake when you’re not the birthday boy or girl. On one lucky Thursday (Brooklyn’s birthday), Delvar Dopson, garbage man, got a gift of friendship. As he was making his pick up for garbage, Brooklyn gave a cupcake to the ever-smiling Dopson.

The single event alone created a “Cupcake girl” headline. However, the wholesome moments don’t stop here. Next Thursday, Brooklyn got a gift of her own. Dopson used his investigative skills and found the perfect gift for young Brooklyn—a collection of Frozen toys, collected with the help of his wife. The two developed a strong friendship. And the internet? It got two new people to talk about.

“He walked her around to the other side of the truck and pulled out the most amazing, awesome and generous birthday gifts for her,” Tracy told USA Today News

Delvar Dopson — Where is He Now?

The “Delvar Dopson Cupcake Gift” story spotlighted friendship for the whole internet. But the wholesome part doesn’t stop here. When Traci’s, Brooklyn’s mother’s birthday fell on a Thursday, Dopson decided to gift the whole family a dozen pink and purple cupcakes.


Today, Delvar Dopson can be found on social media sites (Instagram and Facebook mainly) spreading wholesome content. So, check out his posts if you need that honest, heartwarming message. If you want more in-depth looks into similar situations—stick around at Bored Panda!

“Every day is a great day but today is somebody’s favorite day of the week!” Delvar posted on his Facebook