Most of us would love to spend a weekend in the Bahamas, drinking delicious cocktails, bathing in the sun, dancing to world’s most famous musicians and DJs. There’s no doubt that everyone dreams about this kind of luxury, so who would say no to an opportunity to experience what only the 1% can afford. That’s why when the now infamous Fyre festival launched its promo video, hundreds of people rushed to buy their opportunity to party alongside the world’s most famous models. Who could have predicted that all of it would end up so horribly wrong?

Recently, Netflix released a documentary about the infamous Fyre festival

Image credits: Netflix

The documentary quickly received a lot of attention, revealing what led to the fiasco known as the ‘Fyre festival’. What was supposed to be a luxury experience that only the richest could afford, turned into a nightmare for many of the festival’s attendees.

All of the visitors were left with no place to sleep and almost no food or water

Ticket prices were from $500 all the way up to $12000, and it was supposed to include luxury accommodation, 5-star food as well as concerts of the world’s most famous performers.

Even though many involved were scammed, people felt the sorriest for the festival’s staff that didn’t receive any paychecks

One of those people was Maryann Rolle, a bar owner that catered food for all of the festival’s employees and visitors. In the interview with Netflix, Maryann stated that she worked 24-hour shifts and had to feed over 1,000 people. Unfortunately, Maryann wasn’t paid and had to pay for her workers with her own money which ended up costing her around $50,000.

People online banded together in support of Maryann and everyone that was hired to work for the festival


After Maryann’s story went viral, people started donating money to her GoFundMe page

Currently, people have donated over $209,000 to the Bahamian business owner

Image credits: GoFundMe

Ja Rule stated that he is sorry for the trouble he caused and hadn’t intended to scam anyone. His hope was to create an amazing experience for people, and he, obviously, failed.