Cybercrime is a serious problem. Most of us have probably been on the receiving end of an attempt to get our personal details, or been urged to send cash to a handsome, mysterious soldier stuck on some military base in West Africa. He will come to visit, just as soon as he can afford that plane ticket!

Luckily, scammers’ levels of sophistication only go so far, and we mostly know what to look out for when we are approached by someone suspicious. While most experts recommend against engaging with scammers at all, sometimes the temptation to get even and troll the s**t out of these dishonest bastards can be too much, and people fight back in glorious style.

This is just one of those occasions. Typically, the scammer presents ‘herself’ as gorgeously attractive, a model even. Because, you know, models have plenty of spare time between photoshoots and what better way to spend it than hitting up strangers to do ‘legit deals’ that involve random transactions into their bank accounts?