Fandango may not have been prepared for the "Avengers: Endgame" fans, the latest film from Disney's Marvel Studios, but no doubt hardcore fans will be prepared for the film - especially cosplayers. Cosplay costumes can get pricey with all the wigs and make-up, so why not take some tips from Thai cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, the creator behind "Lowcost Cosplay," who is back at it again with some funny costumes.

From a budget-friendly Thanos make-up to a blonde, pastry-haired Goku, Saengchart is sure to inspire you with his creative creations. You can check out more from this brilliant cosplayer in our previous posts here and here and don't forget to upvote your favorite low budget cosplays!



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How many people can say they've cosplayed two characters at once

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Cosplay is a hobby that unites people around the world, just ask the 250,000 attendees of the annual four-day New York Comic Con (NYCC) at the Javits Center. The con has grown in popularity since its inaugural launch in 2006 and people go all out. NYCC is not only an exciting event but brings in lucrative dollars to the NYC economy, an estimated over $100 million in fact. And while the city is happy to make money, the best cosplayers have to spend a lot of money not just on attendance but to go all out on their costumes.

Prices for giant Comic Con events can range from $75 to an upward of $2,400. Unlike Saengchart's cheap cosplay ideas, some people will go as far as to get their costumes commissioned, all to create a more realistic look. Even those who try to save money by sewing can still end up spending some serious dough for the right wig, mask or materials alone. Another cost that doesn't even translate into dollars are the hours spent creating these masterpieces, however after looking at some of them it's safe to say it was worth it for the result.


While some people are dishing out dollars to transform into their favorite characters, others are raking this money right back in. That's right there are some cosplayers who are so talented they have gone pro and are getting paid for their stunning efforts. Twenty-nine year old Stella Chuu is an example of one of these paid artists, pulling in six-figures for attending events like Comic Con dressed in full make-up and costume regalia. Although half of her income goes back into her elaborate cosplay ideas, she makes more than enough for this "hobby" to sustain her.

For those who aren't ready to go pro and just want to keep cosplay as a creative hobby there are lots of tips out there on how to save money. It is recommended that you budget out a cosplay cost from monthly income, figure out how much you can comfortably splurge on. Creating a budget sheet of all your living expenses first can be helpful so you know how much you have left over for recreational costs.


As you will see on this list another hot tip for cutting cosplay costs is to use what you already have at your disposal. Rummage through your closet and your friends' closets to see what hidden gems might be the perfect addition to your cosplay ensemble. If you are going to sew something check out the discount racks at the clothing shop or thrift store. Accessories like masks and helmets are another place where cosplayers find themselves draining their pockets, instead of paying top dollar try seeing what you can make at home from materials like clay.

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