There’s nothing more romantic than a honeymoon, and few places are more romantic than Greece, so a honeymoon in Greece sounds pretty much as romantic as it can get. Well, unless you’re honeymooning alone that is. Which is exactly the predicament that newlywed Huma Mobin found herself in recently when her husband was denied a visa. But as you can see, the new bride was determined to make the most of the situation!

Even though the trip was already booked and paid for, Mobin, from Lahore, Pakistan, refused to go at first, and only when her husband talked her into it did she pack her bags and head off to Greece with her in-laws instead. But out of sight clearly didn’t mean out of mind for Mobin, who took every opportunity to remind her husband just how much she was missing him by posing for this series of amusingly forlorn photographs. How romantic is that?

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The couple planned a honeymoon to Greece, but unfortunately Huma Mobin’s husband wasn’t granted a visa in time

However, this didn’t stop Huma from including him in her photographs! Sort of…

Huma actually got the idea from her husband after he sent her this picture from Budapest