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A Magical Miniature World Of Frogs Revealed In Wil Mijer’s Photography
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Animals, Photography8 years ago

A Magical Miniature World Of Frogs Revealed In Wil Mijer’s Photography

The latest macro photographer to grace Bored Panda with her beautiful and dream-like images is Wil Mijer, a talented photographer from the Netherlands who has a special place in her heart for the miniature world of colorful frogs.

Many tend to consider frogs to be vermin at best, but Mijer brings out the beauty in the tiny animals. Her vividly-colored world of frog species perched on graceful tropical plants seems almost dream-like, which is appropriate considering her goal; “I’m very small and in my work, everything is small too,” writes Mijer. “I like to do macro photography and will try to make a little dream from every picture.

As ornery as popular culture makes them out to be, frogs are truly extraordinary creatures. They’re highly adaptable, so they inhabit every type of habitat with water and every continent except Antarctica. Deserts, mountains, tropical forests, and jungles are all fair game. Some frogs dig burrows, while others secrete poison or hibernate through ice-cold winters.

Unfortunately, they are currently threatened, especially in the Western world, by climate change and by agricultural water pollution. So hopefully these cool photos of the amazing tree frogs will inspire you to lend our amphibian friends a helping hand. Who knows, perhaps one of them might be your prince just waiting for a kiss!

More pics: 500px |

“I love nature and I’ve always been interested in the little creatures on this earth,” Wil told Bored Panda

“If you look into the eyes of the frogs, you instantly fall in love with them.”

“Each picture is taken quickly, so the frogs are not adversely impacted.”

“I use the Canon 40D and Canon 100 mm macro. I always use a tripod and remote control to prevent camera shake.”

We also asked Wil to tell us more about herself. She was very humble:  “I have three children. I work in home care. My passion is macro photography and I really love nature, especially the small world.”

We’d like to thank Wil Mijer for the interview and beautiful photos!


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