Turn plants into vegan wall mounts with this cool design, created by a team of Italian designers and inspired by the Japanese flower arrangement “ikebana.”

Ikebana (生け花), also referred to as “living flowers”, is an ancient Japanese art of harmonious flower arrangement. Like the popular practice of bonsai, “ikebana” has its traditional rules and spiritual aspects. By now, different styles have evolved from the first traditional arrangement, and the practice has become more flexible.

This flexibility of styles inspired Fabio Milito & Paula Studio to create the interchangeable Elkebana wall mount.

“Elkebana is the first trophy for plant lovers. You just need flowers and imagination.”- Fabio Milito, the designer, writes on his website.

More info: elkebana.com

Vegan antlers

Branches arranged as antlers will allow you to decorate your walls without freaking out your animal lover friends.

Create your own arrangement!

It doesn’t have to be a set of rough branches – you can create any combination, using your favorite plants or flowers!

Handmade glass vases hold your favorite flowers

Made of high quality birch plywood, solid walnut, solid oak or cork shield, the wall mounts hold your botanical arrangements in the two hand-blown glass vases.

Delicate and colorful

Just like the traditional ikebana, this flower arrangement brings harmony to your naked walls.