A flight attendant from Salt Lake City in Utah is going viral on TikTok for sharing tips that you should keep in mind while staying at a hotel to be healthy, safe, and comfortable.

Katherine Kamalani‘s video was viewed a whopping 5.7 million times, got more than 1.2 million likes, and received over 3.3k comments on the video-sharing platform. So it’s no wonder that plenty of people are talking about it.

While the 30-year-old’s hacks are useful and lots of people loved them, some social media users have pointed out that they aren’t groundbreaking. Some think that that the advice is basic common sense, others think they’re a bit ‘paranoid.’ Scroll down, check out Kat’s hotel hacks, and let us know in the comments what you think of them and if you have any of your own tips for staying at hotels, dear Pandas. And scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Kat.

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Flight attendant Kat Kamalani created a TikTok video with a bunch of tips for staying safe and healthy at hotels

Image credits: katkamalani

Her video was incredibly popular. Some people loved Kat’s hotel hacks while others thought they were just common sense

Never say your room number out loud. Just in case there’s anyone around, and you don’t want them knowing where you’re staying

Always make sure there’s no one behind you when going into your room

Check if there’s anyone in the room — behind curtains, under bed, etc

Lock the doors and alwasy make sure you lock the top lock

Make sure about bed bugs. Check on the corners

Take of any decorative pillows or top comforters. They never wash those

Never put your bag on the bed. It’s been through the airport, and it’s disgusting

If you don’t have a refrigerator, put your food in an ice bucket, and there you go

You can watch her video that got over 5.7 million views right here

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Kat told Bored Panda that she was “shocked” when her TikTok video went viral. “It’s so important especially now to try to stay safe and clean,” she said, after mentioning that she saw lots of comments where people admitted to not following any of her tips.

According to the flight attendant, she has noticed some changes at hotels since the start of the pandemic. Now, she notices people practicing social distancing at hotel gyms, as well as pools.

Kat had one more traveling tip to share with us: “If you don’t use the plastic wrap for the ice bucket put it over your remote. That thing sees so many hands but doesn’t get cleaned,” she said.

Kat has 7 tips in total, including never saying your room number aloud (just in case there’s someone around you), making sure that there’s nobody behind you when you go into your hotel room, and locking the doors properly.

Some social media users thought that these tips may be a tad too ‘paranoid,’ even if they do help keep travelers safe. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

She also advises travelers to check the corners of the mattress for bed bugs, to remove the top pillows and comforters (according to her, hotel staff rarely wash these), never put your dirty bag on the bed, and if you don’t have a fridge in your room, just plop your food into an ice bucket.

Here’s what some people had to say after watching the flight attendant’s TikTok