Yes, it happened to me too. While scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon a website ad. Nothing could go wrong: the website looked trustworthy and the photos of the clothes were so breathtaking that I couldn’t help but imagine me being one of those gorgeous women nonchalantly walking down NY streets and making passerby’s heads turn. Well, I must admit, extremely appealing and almost unimaginable prices should have made me suspicious. But come on, I’m just a human!

So, I loaded my online shopping bag with various clothes and… waited.

Item no. 1 – picture on the website

I’d been waiting for more than a month before my long-awaited parcels arrived. Personally, I’m used to elegant parcels, packed in separate boxes so that the items inside remain undamaged. Only after I’d seen a shabby, wrapped in kilometers of duct tape carton did I realize that something is wrong.

What should I start with? First and foremost, the clothes I received didn’t match their description on the website. Their length, width, silhouette, material, and, last but not least – design – almost everything was wrong. The clothes, advertised as linen, silk or cotton, turned out to be made of the cheapest synthetic fabric possible.

Item no. 1 – what I received. Ouch!

Then I tried the clothes on. No, I’m not the one to boast about my shape, nor am I the one whom all clothes fit like a glove, but I never thought I could look SO BAD. Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I was confused whether I should cry or laugh. Luckily for myself, I went for the latter.

Item no. 1 after styling


When I finally stopped laughing, it dawned on me that in rare cases only can you laugh in such situations. I made a firm decision to transform these rags into wearable clothes in a couple of hours, using a couple of styling tricks. Hope they’ll come in handy for some of you and will help you avoid the bad emotions I experienced:

1. Iron the clothes carefully. You won’t believe what kind of wonders this good old trick does.

2. Wear suitable underwear while trying new clothes on. Handpicked, based on your size underwear or (even better) shapewear helps you take advantage of seeming disadvantages of the clothes you are wearing.

Item no. 2 – picture on the website

Item no. 2 – what I received. Ouch again!

Item no. 2 after styling

3. If needed, just cut the excess material off with scissors or pin it up and hide it under other clothes. Layer.


4. Feel free to change the function of clothing. If you bought a linen beach dress but got a bag-like tunic instead, let it protect you from wind on a chilly fall morning.

5. Give some thought to your accessories. Carefully matched with clothing accessories make the look visually tidier. Even though it’s not trendy to match all accessories anymore, in this very case it makes sense to use this old method and match everything – from your earrings to your shoes (have you forgotten that you already have a detail that stands out?)

Item no. 3 – picture on the website


Item no. 3 – what I received. One more ouch…


Item no. 3 after styling

6. Combine cheaper clothes with more expensive ones – and, voila! – you’re following one of the latest fashion trends – mix & match.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of your makeup. It’s a must to strike a balance between “untidy” and “tidy” things.

8. Never ever lose a chance to laugh at yourself and a silly situation. After all, aren’t there more important things in our life than some toggery?