This saucy and heartwarming video, uploaded to Youtube by Tatia Pilieva, brings together what she says are complete strangers for nothing less than an intimate first kiss! At first things are painfully awkward and weird, but as they warm to each other with introductions, small chat and jokes, things start to heat up. It isn’t immediately clear what Pilieva’s intentions with th video are, but it offers a tightly condensed view of the interactions that occur between strangers that lead to intimate contact and, who knows… perhaps even love?

UPDATE: According to Slate, the video was actually part of a clothes advertisement campaign for Wren Studio (they tweeted it here). Although the people were strangers, they were also professional performers or models.

At first they were uncomfortable..

But Then They Got Closer..

And Closer…

Here’s The Video If You Missed It At The Beginning Of This Post: