Every parent can agree that raising kids is not an easy task and the difficulty only grows when children find themselves with one ailment or another. You could easily explain that the liquid with an awful taste is a medicine that’s going to make them feel better, or that this weird device is meant to measure their temperature to find out just how serious their condition is. But kids? Kids would have none of it and try to squirm (oftentimes literally) away from the situation only to complain that they feel bad in the same breath.

Well, if you’re a parent that has trouble taking your child’s temperature, this nifty little device might be just the right thing. Physio Logic is coming to the rescue with their “Feverbugz”, a stick-on fever indicator that not only takes away the hassle of disturbing your sleeping child, but also keeps it fun for your kid. The stickers come in various shapes, such as a bee or a caterpillar, and can continuously measure the child’s temperature for up to 48 hours.

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These innovative stickers monitor your child’s fever or temperature for up to 48 hours

One “Feverbugz” pack contains 8 stickers and costs $6.50. With 239 reviews, the average rating of the product is 4 stars out of 5. Most of the reviews of the product praised it for being easy to use as well as very efficient. One woman shared her experience with the world after finding her child in trouble during a vacation. With a regular thermometer being unavailable at that time, the woman gave “Feverbugz” stickers a go, and it worked well!

One woman shared how helpful they were on a trip

These stickers come in various bug shapes to keep things fun for the children

The few negative reviews mostly blamed the stickers for being faulty and other people showed concerns with the thermometer not being as accurate as other means of measuring a child’s temperature. But hey, sometimes when you have a sick child who’s crying non-stop, you might need just this helping hand to make things at least a little more fun.

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