The human being is an extraordinary creature, and many of us are often left surprised after learning amazing facts about our bodies. For example, did you know our brains have a memory capacity that is equivalent to more than 4 terabytes on a hard drive? Or that the human eye can distinguish 10 million different colors? What’s amazing about human anatomy is the absolute perfection and balance that every one of us carries. Even though you might now like a few things about yourself, there are thousands of cool things your body does that you should be proud of.

Recently, one Twitter user shared an interesting photo of a female muscle system

While most of us have seen how the male muscle system looks, the image of the female anatomy, namely milk ducts, is not so popular. So there’s no surprise that this cool photo quickly went viral receiving over 43 thousand retweets but apart from educating many of us on a woman’s breast anatomy, the image also left many wondering how is it possible that most of us have never seen it before.

People had really mixed emotions about the image, some thought it’s absolutely beautiful

The image sparked a great discussion online whether the musculature image is absolutely beautiful and shows the perfection of a woman’s body or it’s just simply terrifying and quite disturbing.

Others felt disturbed by the image

Despite literally having flower breasts, it is proven that women also are better at recalling things from the past and live longer than men not only because they lead a healthier lifestyle but also because a woman’s body is naturally better at fighting diseases. So even though you might not enjoy the imagery of your milk ducts, there are plenty of other things to be proud of about your body.