If you’ve ever had a problem identifying your luggage at the airport, the Fine Line Workshop in Pennsylvania will fix that for you – they’ve got a line of leather-clad ‘monster boxes’ that are hard to miss and look like they carry a serious bite.

Each hand-made box is decorated by sculpting leather over a wooden box. Glass eyes, fake teeth and paint transform them into ‘mimic’ creatures from the Dungeons and Dragons table-top roleplaying game that trick adventurers into approaching them by disguising themselves as treasure chests.

The workshop, run by artist Mellie Z, uses fantasy and RPG elements heavily in their work, so if this is something you’re into, be sure to check out their Etsy shop for tons of other leather products!

More info: finelineleatherdesign.com | Etsy | Facebook (h/t: demilked)

Boxes like these and more can be found on Fine Line Workshop’s Etsy store.