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Fairy Tales Within Macro Photography By Vadim Trunov
User submission
Photography8 years ago

Fairy Tales Within Macro Photography By Vadim Trunov

Thanks to the advanced optical technologies which allow us to explore otherwise unreachable majesty of the world through a lens. However, thanks to talented artists who manage to capture and remind us about the beauty of it.

One of those artists, Vadim Trunov, doesn’t look far – most of his macro photos are taken just on his doorstep in Voronezh, Russia. Masterpiece photography by Trunov provides a new perspective to our surroundings by portraying the uniqueness, diversity and vitality of the micro nature.

In his pictures, vibrant creatures in their colourful environment expose supremely picturesque lands and create fairy-tale atmospheres. Surprisingly, some of them replicate common human life situations. Can you relate to any of these characters?

For more beauty please visit Vadim Trunov’s portfolio. I’m sure your eyes deserve it!

More info:

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