I’ve been working on my animated – photography project for about two years. This project is for the silent objects in all of our lives, the things we use and leave in the background. Each picture starts with a simple question – what would you like to do today?

The power tower is tired of working day and night, and wants to break free from routine and obligation. The cameras need a vacation – maybe they’d like to be photographed for once!

When we take a moment to think of these things, the candles that light vigils for us and our friends, the hammers and nails, the grumpy pots, the glorious flowers, we see the life and color behind what we take for granted.


Break Free

Cameras on Vacation

Food Fight

Watch Out!


The Otherside



The Attack on Nail City

Save the King!


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

The End

I Think It’s Number 2

Kids… All They Want Is Some Coffee