During the festive season, everyone gets a chance to put their skills to good use. Aspiring cooks, crafters, decorators, and even tech-savvy people use their knowledge to make the celebration of Christmas magical. While these festivities only come once a year, it’s no surprise that some of us of them pull out their big guns to impress everyone. One of those people is an engineer, Jordy Moos from the Netherlands, who recently went viral for creating amazing Christmas tree lights that double as a playable Snake game.

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Bored with your traditional Christmas tree lights? Why not follow this engineer’s idea who turned them into a game played directly on a Christmas tree?

Image credits: JordyMoos

After getting this brilliant idea of programming his Christmas tree lights, Moos asked Twitter what kind of game he should create. After a few people suggested the Snake, the programmer went with it and created the game.

Image credits: JordyMoos

He told Trusted Reviews that this whole project took him around 100 hours. Moos revealed that a few delays happened after his sneaky kittens got in the way by taking out a few LEDs and knocking over the camera.

Image credits: JordyMoos

The game is very simple: you can use the PS4 controller to move the red snake, which has to collect apples without biting itself.

Image credits: JordyMoos

“The apples that you need to collect are actually lighted Christmas balls. How cool is that?” Moos wrote on Twitter.

Image credits: JordyMoos

Once Moos shared the finished project, the majority of people thought it was a brilliant idea. Because who wouldn’t love to play a game on their Christmas tree, right?

In fact, so many people wanted to play it that the developer had to create a tutorial for them. Brilliant project idea for your next Christmas, isn’t it?

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