Another day, another employee horror story coming out of the U.S. After yesterday’s pooping meme saga, in which a man got fired for sharing a joke on his Facebook wall, now we have an employee getting terminated for 2 weeks in hospital with a serious illness.

It makes you wonder why Americans aren’t more active in campaigning for worker’s rights? The whole story, from the 60-70 hour weeks, 18-hour shifts, $2.13 an hour pay and a reliance on the kindness of tippers just reeks of a system that is inhumane and completely broken. Plenty of other countries manage to treat workers with respect, security and a basic living wage. What’s up, America?

Originally shared on Reddit’s r/ProRevenge forum, user Furry Control details the shocking treatment they received by the management of a popular pancake franchise, as well as the satisfying twist at the end.

Many commenters questioned the veracity of the story, and you can’t blame them at first glance. Surely this can’t have really happened? “$150 a week at 60-70 hours a week? That sounds impossible. This whole story reads like a bad YA novel and I’m surprised anyone bought this,” one commenter wrote.

“You do realize I was paid $2.13 an hour, and most if not all of my paychecks went to taxes due to my tips being overclaimed,” Furry replied. “I brought home about $150 in tips a week due to the restaurant being next to deserted every day except Friday nights and Sunday mornings.”

Proof to the manager I was in the hospital

Image credits: furry_control

Furry Control added uploads from the hospital and the restaurant as further proof, and we gotta say that the place did look pretty grotty. Why did Furry put up with it so long while working there? You might ask.

“We as a whole reported everything to the regional level, nothing was done to resolve the issues. We reported the roaches multiple times to management, not once was an exterminator called,” they explained.

Also, when your precarious livelihood, that just manages to cover your monthly bills, is hanging by a thread on the whims of asshole managers, you are careful not to rock the boat too much, aren’t you?

Disgusting grease build-up, discarded food, and dirty serving plates on the grill

Image credits: furry_control

Nasty ceiling that I attempted to clean with bleach. Have since been informed it is mold

Image credits: furry_control

These tables, along with 5 others, sat dirty for 3 hours

Image credits: furry_control

Ceiling collapsed due to water leak multiple times

Image credits: furry_control

Toxic adhesive used to improperly secure a water leak on a drinking water line

Image credits: furry_control

What do you think? Should Furry Control pursue legal action against the company? What can be done to increase the security and basic rights of workers in places like this? Scroll down below to read some reactions from other readers, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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