One of the best things about getting older is being able to look back at your life and learn from past mistakes. The opportunity to help others live their best lives by sharing your own wisdom is even better. So it’s no surprise that elderly people love to pass their knowledge to younger generations.

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Image credits: Danielle Elder(not the actual photo)

A Redditor was curious about the best advice people have received from elders and got a response that resonated with many. In the response, user grassyblue told a story about accidentally meeting a lovely elder lady at a bus stop. After chatting her up, the young man who recently went through a breakup received probably the best relationship advice he could get.

“Met an elderly hispanic lady at a bus stop in Albuquerque. We went back and forth in Spanish for a bit (I’m a white guy so she was pleasantly surprised) and she told me about her travel plans to go to her son’s wedding–a real cute story involving him and his high school sweetheart finding each other after a long time being broken up.

I had recently been dumped, and said something a bit mopey like “I wish I could find love like that someday.”

She smiled, shook her head and said “Chico, love like that isn’t just found. It’s built. How many perfect, decorated temples do you think my ancestors stumbled across in Tikal or Tenochtitlan? No. They found a good, level spot, maybe some water nearby, and said ‘Here. We can build something here.’ Look for a clearing in the forest, young man. Not a hidden city.”

That one will stick with me for years.”

Many others shared their own stories which prove the old lady to be absolutely right about the importance of learning how to build relationships.

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