Many things can break up a marriage, but baseball rivalry isn’t one of them for Carol and Warren Reckmeyer. The Mt. Morris, Illinois, couple has been together for 63 years, and was recently spotted wearing matching baseball jerseys at Busch Stadium. Mr. Reckmeyer wore a Cardinals jersey with “Together” written as his name on the back, with the number 19 below it, and Mrs. Reckmeyer wore a Giants jersey emblazoned with “Since” as her name and the number 52 below it.

“Like father like daughter. My dad was a Giants fan,” Mrs. Reckmeyer told Stateline. “My mother and I would listen to the Cardinals back in the ’30s,” added Mr. Reckmeyer. “I was three years old when they won their first World Championship, and Pepper Martin was my idol.” As for the secret to a long and happy marriage? According to Mrs. Reckmeyer, her husband “always has the last word…Yes Dear.”

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These adorable baseball rivals, married for 63 years, were recently spotted at Busch Stadium

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