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Living The Dream: This Guy Travels The World Eating Pizza
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Living The Dream: This Guy Travels The World Eating Pizza


You’ve probably noticed that most motivational quotes keep telling you to follow your dreams. But what if the dreams are based on satisfying your wanderlust and a never-ending craving for some pizza crust? Well, fear not, because Phil Duncan proves that these dreams can go hand in hand!

From deserts to lakes, from valleys to mountains, Phil explores the whole world together with his one true love – pizza. And who could blame him? People may betray you, but pizza will always warm your stomach and heart.

More info: | Instagram (h/t: Elite Daily)

The 28-year-old from Liverpool has made a promise to himself to visit 30 countries before he turns 30

But the goal is not just to “tick the boxes” – he tries to feel the taste of all the places slice by slice

Phil documents his mouthwatering adventure and shares stories on his blog and Instagram

And he is not afraid to show his love

“No blizzard is stopping me from getting my NYC pizza”


“Went to a pizza making class and found out that I’m much better at eating pizza, than I am making it.”

“I’ve found the solution for The FA to let fans drink whilst watching footy.. Serve Papa Johns as well!” Seattle

“Favourite day in Thailand so far”

“A Valentine’s day with heart shaped pepperoni” Portland,Oregon

“The healthiest kind of diet… Is a happy diet! Costco Pizza is still king” Seattle

“Spent the weekend doing what I do best. Booking flights and eating pizza.”

“Beer and pizza on a boat? Head nearly fell off!” Husky Stadium, UK


“Apparently pizza is the perfect pairing, when wine tasting. What doesn’t pizza make taste better???”

“Celebrating 4th July in San Diego”

“Location: Perhentian Kecil Island, Malaysia”


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