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Eastern European Jungle God Made These Pictures Of Remote Amazon Tribes In The 70s
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Photography, Travel8 years ago

Eastern European Jungle God Made These Pictures Of Remote Amazon Tribes In The 70s

A Lithuanian missionary A.F. Bendoraitis or the ‘Great white father’ was the first white person they had ever met. Some of the tribes hunted him, some called him a ‘White god’. Besides being a missionary, a doctor, a priest, humanitarian and even a military captain, he also was a magnificent photographer, who captured important pictures of the local tribes from Paaca Nova family, living in the basin of Mamore river.

Padre Bendoraitis had exceptional approach to some tribes so the pictures are really authentic – also having in mind that they sow the photo camera for the first time in their lives.

These are the pictures from an upcoming feature documentary “Alexander the Grand” revealing the life about this exceptional persona.
The film crew promised the supporters an exceptional photo-print collection of even more authentic photographs from the 70s.

He built his own empire in the Amazon. People remember him. People talk about him. One Canadian anthropologist wrote in his diary:
“As his ship slowly inched towards the dock, Alexander in classic paternalistic fashion, threw candies from the upper deck to the waiting crowd of local Indians”.

More info:

A fisherman with traditional feather crown

The men of the tribes after a hunt

A woman cuddling her baby

The fishing with spears

Women collecting food

Hunting wtih bows was one of their main sources for food

A lazy day on the river

The traditional chicha (corn spirit) ceremony

The Great white father – Padre Bendoraitis

Going for a boat fishing

Posing in the sun – probably they see the photocamera for the first time in their lifes


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